Our services include but are not limited to:  new  construction, remodeling, redesigns, finish selection, furniture plans,  furniture selection, custom furniture, kitchen and bath design, and window  treatments.

  • KL MILAM INTERIOR DESIGN is a  full service design firm. Goods purchased through this firm are sold at  retail prices. Retail pricing includes all design fees and services. If no  purchases are made, an hourly fee of $150.00 applies.
  • Hourly rates  for consultation and time spent on your project, whether it is drawing,  searching for products, or preparing a budget, is billed at $150.00 per  hour. Initial consultations are billed a one hour minimum. Additional trip  charges apply for locations outside of Fort Worth.
  • A non-refundable  deposit is required to begin any work, and is based on the size and scope of  the project.
  • For projects over $100K, you may choose instead to  pay a flat fee in lieu of retail pricing, and all goods purchased are  sold to the client at designer’s cost.  Again, the fee is determined by  size and scope of the project.
  • Once the contract is signed, whether  goods have been purchased or client decides to discontinue the service, the  hourly design time spent on the project to that point will be  billed.